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    Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

    Multifunctional detergent XY-668


    The product starts from the washing nature by innovating and simplifying the washing process on dissolution and scale-resistance. It is a new generation of high strength industrial solvent that can remove stains of oil resin, oil compaction, coal tar and steam dirt, etc.

    This product is applied to electrical equipment like dynamotors, motors, electrical generating equipments, transformers, electrical cabinets, solenoids, electric welding machines and many other electrical tools, also applied to parts of machines, delicate parts of precision apparatus, etc.







    Density(20℃), g/cm3

    1.25 ± 0.05

    Burning point(open), ℃

    Not burning

    Mechanical impure




    1) Free from corrosion to various metals, oil-resist rubber/plastic, insulating paint, and fiber, etc.

    2) No need of disassembly for cleaning that maintenance cost and energy consumption can drop. Even those hidden parts that hands may not be reachable can be cleaned.

    3) Instant cleaning is possible to the dust, scrap iron, oil dirt, moisture from the electric equipments without residue left, so it can keep the electrical appliance working normally.

    4) It is not flammable at the normal temperature, the operation can be very safe.


    4、Applications,Storage and Package

    1) By application of the product, the deposited polymers on the inner walls of heat exchangers and reactors can be easily dissolved with heat exchanging efficiency increased and heat resistance decreased during the process of oil refining. In oil refinery, when the heavy oil is pumped, there will be impellers and pumps’ inner parts accreted with a great deal of heavy oil which is difficult to clean, which can be also obviously removed instantly. During the process of synthetic resins ike ABS and SAN, the resins adhered to the parts and inner surface of reactors can be easily removed by application of the product. Therefore not only maintenance time for cleaning is saved, but also damages to the parts and inner walls of reactor are avoided because no mechanical or burning methods are adopted, so that the life time of equipment is prolonged. 

    2) Kept in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Guard against leakage and water.

    3) 25kg/200kg net Iron drum.